Handle For Jug

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We custom manufactured this classic carboy bottle handle to meet the level of longevity and attention to detail we strive for in every product. 

We also custom-designed a removable silicone piece for better grip and comfort.  Whether your hiking to a spring or just transporting short distances, this makes carrying water in glass easier than ever. These handles will fit almost all standard 3-5 gallon bottles. The wingnuts are easily hand tightened, and putting the handle on or off takes about 15 seconds.

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Customer Reviews

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BigDaveESC (Escondido, US)
Carrying handle for the Water Jug

Makes carrying the filled Jug so much easier...only wish the didn't have to be removed in order to dispense the water.


Not the best solution - please try to improve it

melanie cameron (Overland Park, US)
Functional and handy.. but kind of unnecessary (for us)

These handles are extremely functional for carrying the water jugs when full, they are well made and easy to get on. They ARE a bit harder to get off... and when we put the jug into the dispenser, we need to take the handles off for the jug to sit properly onto the dispenser base. We decided that for OUR use, we don't really need the handles. (We load the empty jugs in the back of the car, use a shopping cart to take them in to Sprouts to use the water fill station, use the cart to take them to the car). The short distance I need to carry the jugs from the car to the kitchen is manageable without the handles, so we don't use them now. I would think if you are carrying them fair distances like from a spring, down a trail etc.. it would be much more useful. Us "city folk" can probably manage without.
I'd give 5 stars because they are high quality and perform beautifully.. but knocked 1 star since they are kind of a pain to get off and you can't really leave them on while using the water jug with the dispenser base.


Very convenient. I bought it together with the glass jug and it works great. As I said on the review of the jug, the shipping cost is super high. To send the two items it was over $40 shipping cost.

Mary Ann Coughlin (Hoffman, US)
Handle for Jug - Highly Recommend!

These handles are great! I ordered one for each of my jugs (3) because the full jugs are very heavy to handle when I gather water at my spring. The handle makes it much easier and safer to carry, and I am able to carry two jugs at once. Also comes with a silicone cover to make it easier on my palms.