Covid-19 Prevention Policy

Proper sanitation and cleanliness is always a top priority for our water delivery service. The empty jugs that go back to our facility to get filled, are sterilized by the following method-

1. Each jug is smelled and individually inspected 

2. Each jug gets hand washed with eco friendly soapy water

3. Each jug gets triple machine washed with hot eco friendly soap 

4. Each jug gets triple machine rinsed with spring water

5. Each jug is filled and then immediately capped with new clean caps

6. Each jug is loaded into refrigerated trucks using sterile gloves

7. Delivery drivers are wearing masks, disposable gloves, and sterilizing appropriate vehicle surfaces

It is more important than ever to make sure we prevent the spread of harmful pathogens. It's also equally important to keep our immune systems strong by drinking fresh living spring water, eating good natural food, and by getting healthy exercise and outdoor time. We hope providing the best water on the planet provides peace of mind and optimal health for you and your family.