2 oz Pure Rose Nectar Sample

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This is our favorite thing to add to water as it's so delicious and simple. We typically pour a few caps into one of our pitchers and keep it in the fridge for easy drinking. Each bottle is made from 36 roses and 8 servings is typical.

Pure Bulgarian Rose extract enriched with Organic Bulgarian Rose oil. Made with fresh rose petals, handpicked in our rose farms in Bulgaria. Loaded with flavonoids, antioxidants and minerals. Pure, 100% natural & Organic. Great taste & aroma. Known as the highest vibration drink. Nourish your skin, uplift your mood & boost your health.  

Single ingredient - Pure Bulgarian Rose extract enriched with Organic Bulgarian Rose Oil. Zero sugar, additives, or preservatives

Nourishes your skin | Fights free-radical damage | Elevates mood | Improves digestion | Reduces inflammation | Raises your vibration

Customer Reviews

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Samantha Varga (Utica, US)
A Beautiful Rose Essence

I adore adding this lovely touch to my water 🌸 💦 I carry the small bottle with me to add to my water Orb throughout the day. It has a gentle and beautiful presence and I plan to order a larger bottle soon to refill smaller bottles for carrying! :) Absolutely sweet!

Wen P
My new favorite thing!

I am officially addicted to this stuff and it’s more expensive on Amazon. Also helps me drink more water. Am going to start carrying it in my purse. :)