Cover For Jug And Dispenser

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Similar to fine wine, spectacular spring water also stores best in cool darkness. These organic cotton covers are custom designed to fit perfectly over our jug and dispenser when stacked together. They slide on and off with ease and keep your water away from direct sunlight. They're durable enough for cleaning in electric washers and dryers on gentle cycles.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ruby Fremon (Dallas, US)
A little too snug

We love our Alive Water and the idea of a cover is great as this helps keep our water cool and fresh! Just wish the cover wasn’t so snug. It’s a struggle to remove and put back on. I suggest making it just a tad bit bigger.

Rafael O (Los Angeles, US)
Make sense to get one!

Keep your water fresh for longer

Kevin Baltimore (Moorpark, US)

The cover seems to have lessened the times the water begins to get growth in the dispenser.

Robski (Oakland, US)
Cover thy sacred water for best results

This cover is perfect!! Keeps the water stored nice and dark, which is important. Our water station is in a very sunny kitchen so was not ideal. Have noticed since using this the water stays crisper for much longer.

Diana J. Brodie (San Francisco, US)
Great Cover

Just what I needed. This cover is perfect. My water has to sit in one part of my kitchen and got direct sunlight. Now it's protected in with this nice looking cover.