How do you ensure safety for your water delivery service?

Once a year we conduct the most comprehensive third party lab test available. Our tests have never shown any industrial age contamination or potentially harmful components. Our water is collected from a covered spring head so there is no chance for animal contamination. We test each batch of our water for harmful bacteria.

No one has ever gotten sick from our delivery service, and the town of Madras Oregon has been drinking unprocessed spring water for over a century without any adverse health effects.


Is Alive Spring Water delivery expensive?

If you have convenient access to a pristine spring water source, gathering free water yourself is the best option. Many of our customers live in Metropolitan areas. It’s often that super pure spring water sources aren’t geographically convenient for them.

Our customers enjoy the convenience of receiving lab verified safe and efficient water delivery. We are the first and only company to offer spring water delivered in eco-friendly glass and refrigeration during transportation and storage. Our operating costs are higher than typical water delivery, but our water is fresher and healthier. Here's a lab report verifying our healthy probiotics. Our water is also naturally alkaline, mineral rich, and amazing tasting!

Our average customer spends less than $2 per person a day, to drink the best source of water available on the planet. Is you and your family's optimal health and wellness worth less than $2 a day? You can spend money on health now, or spend money to try and fix health later.


What areas do you currently service for home and office bottled spring water delivery?

We're always expanding the areas we deliver water to. Some of our current areas of distribution are: Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, Malibu, Santa Barbara, Orange County, Laguna Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, Berkeley, Silicon Valley, San Jose, and San Rafael.


How can I view spring water delivery lab test results?

We test every batch of water for harmful bacteria and those reports are available upon request.

To view our comprehensive water test results click here.


How does your water delivery service work?

Our spring water is collected from Opal Spring in Central Oregon. It goes directly into triple washed and rinsed 2.5 gallon lead free glass jugs. Our jugs go into refrigerated 18 wheelers and then they are delivered to our refrigerated warehouses. Our friendly drivers drop off jugs, and simultaneously collect empties to go get filled again. Our customer service team always texts customers to confirm next delivery. You can adjust, pause, or cancel service at any time.


Since Live Water is kept chilled until final delivery does it need to stay refrigerated?

We keep our water chilled so it doesn't sit in trucks or warehouses which commonly reach over 100 degrees fahrenheit during storage and transport. If you store fresh spring water in a cool dark place, our water typically stays fresh for at least 1 month from final delivery.


How does the refundable bottle deposit work?

We charge a one time $22 refundable bottle deposit per 2.5 gallon lead free glass jug on the first delivery. After the first delivery, we only charge an additional deposit if we don’t receive equal quantity of empties in exchange for full bottles. Empty jugs can be returned for a full refund at any time.