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2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Alexander Peters (Oceanside, US)
So simple and easy

We love getting our natural spring water delivered monthly, the service is great and the delivery process is super easy. The Alive team is great and always friendly. Great service and great value

Nourishment for the soul

After drinking Alaskan spring water for 10 days during a visit, I am so pleased to have Alive water! Living water makes such a difference :) thank you!

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Christopher Morgan (Los Angeles, US)

Wonderful water and wonderful people work for Alive Water. Really compassionate and always a pleasure when speaking with them.

Fantastic Water

I was delighted when I learned Alive Water delivered to my area. I could not be happier with the quality and value of the water I have received from Alive Waters. They also have excellent customer service. I have since recommended them to friends.

Alive water - love it

It's wonderful. I'm a fan. The containers are lovely - obviously - and the water is perfect

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Brooke Thompson (Los Angeles, US)
Excited to Drink Water Every Day!

I honestly LOVE this water and because it’s so fresh and pure tasting, I end up drinking so much more water than I normally would. I feel truly grateful that in an increasingly toxic world, Alive Waters has made this service available. Quality water is so important and foundational to good health. I recommend this service to everyone.

Makes a difference

I've definitely noticed a difference in consuming their water in how I feel and it's taste. It's become somewhat of a meditative process pouring the water from the glass bottle to a bowl to reusable bottles.

2 oz Pure Rose Nectar Sample
Samantha Varga (Utica, US)
A Beautiful Rose Essence

I adore adding this lovely touch to my water 🌸 💦 I carry the small bottle with me to add to my water Orb throughout the day. It has a gentle and beautiful presence and I plan to order a larger bottle soon to refill smaller bottles for carrying! :) Absolutely sweet!

Cotton Orb Bag
Samantha Varga (Utica, US)
Absolutely lovee!

This canvas bag is the perfect companion to the Flower of Life Orb 💗🌸 ~ It makes carrying my orb convenient and comfortable and I adore the two little pouches in each side where I keep either tiny crystals or small notes with loving affirmations ✨ I added the butterfly pin to mine! 🦋 ~ it’s a perfect canvas to decorate with your own personal touch :) I’m so happy to have it!

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Kamille Vaughn (San Francisco, US)
Best water and jug ever!

This water is some of the most hydrating and tastiest water I’ve ever had. You can tell that it’s fresh and not filled with chemicals. I also really love the jug that I purchased it’s beautiful and has a nice flower of life print on it

Water is Rainbow Liquid Gold

This water is the BEST investment you can make for your long term well being. The perfect, harmonized alchemy of mother nature's spring water is undeniably nurturing to your entire body's integrated wholeness and peak performance.

I was drinking alkaline water (true alkaline - had proper mineral content) & it was also sent through a Kangen machine which, by itself, makes water false alkaline (meaning it does not create alkalinity due to mineral content but due to electromagnetic currents).

Regardless of this exceptional technology my body had been feeling like something was off. My liver felt like it was being plagued by something and it took be about a year to connect the dots. I had actually already made the switch to ALIVE WATER when my friend told me the full scope of the alkaline water company in Vegas which had hospitalized 5 young people due to improper amounts of minerals which lead to Liver Failure.

What this showed me was that my intuition was spot on and yes, it's a very big deal if you are having your water artificially alkalized by human-added-mineral content for the dangers just referred to. So, if you aren't drinking ALIVE WATER, you ought to just go for Reverse Osmosis Water and add your own minerals from a company like Native Mystic.

Even so, I HIGHLY recommend ALIVE WATER to everyone it is literally rainbow liquid gold nourishing all of your DNA and cells it is the best choice I've made all year and I will drink this water from now on FOREVER ;)

Lastly, some people trip out about paying more money for better water ... but what else are you dropping obscene amounts of money on? Other materialistic desires? Prioritize your relationship with WATER and you will be rewarded far more, this I promise.

Mni Wconi Wakan - Sacred Water of Life

Amazing water, amazing service

I have been getting Alive Water delivered for a few months now and it's been AMAZING. The water is incredible, it makes me want to drink more water. The taste is so fresh and pure. I love that it comes in glass too. It's a heavy durable glass too! The delivery services is easy to communicate with, and after the first delivery, they know where to put the jugs (in my basement) so I don't even need to be home for the exchange. If you've been wanting to drink healthier, better tasting water, don't wait!


Great water and great service! Super easy and reliable delivery and pick up.

Fast, friendly service

I love the glass bottles and dispenser and customer service is fast and friendly. Definitely recommend!

Trial Offer
Sherry Clingan
As advertised

I am especially particular about water. There are brands of bottled spring water that I won’t drink because of the taste. This water is unlike any I’ve had in the past and I’m thrilled to have found out about it. The taste is pure and clean, just as water should be.

1 Litre Orb
Lo (Salt Lake City, US)

Such a beautiful piece of glass, and well made as well. It’s so pretty I just leave it out on top of my fridge as art when not using it. Use it for water and to make smoothies in too, because it’s just so aesthetically pleasing :)

No other water can compare

I grew up drinking water fresh from the ice cold rivers rushing down Oregon mountains and this water reminds me of how fresh, clean and delicious that water was when I was a kid. Today, I can't drink enough of this water. To me, it tastes just a little bit better than the cold, rushing river water. I don't believe I can drink any other water. I've spoiled myself pretty good, thanks to Alive Water. :)

The Glass Dispenser

I love the glass dispenser. It's beautiful, great quality and keeps the water tasting fresh and clean. It's too heavy to sit on the glass shelves in my fridge but that's alright. I can get wire shelves if I decide to, which are easier to clean. I have been looking for a glass water dispenser for several years so I'm very happy to have found such a pretty one at Alive Water.

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Janet Glazer (North Hollywood, US)

We recently moved and we don't have a water filtration system in the new house yet... we're renovating the kitchen, so it's going to be a while. At first, I bought some 2.5 gallon plastic jugs and a Pur water filter pitcher... but, microplastics get into those plastic water jugs and the Pur water just doesn't taste very good to me. So, I found Alive. More expensive? Yes. Worth it? Yes! It's so good. The taste is perfect. I love it. The jugs are also nice looking, and our delivery guy is super nice and helpful.

Reuben Smith (Santa Barbara, US)
Love Comes in a Bottle

I'm SO thrilled with my Alive Water water and dispenser. It's completely changed my relationship to my hydration and now I eagerly make a stop off at this very dispenser each morning to fill up for the day ahead. The glass itself is soothing and the contents are sublime. Couldn't be happier that I took the leap and got this service monthly.

Delicious water

I have been filtering my water but when I tasted Alive Water at a friend's house I immediately ordered it. Now I love to drink water, while before I had to force myself to drink. I can feel the health giving effects of the minerals and fresh water and it is a delight to work with a conscious company like Alive Water.

Beautiful water dispenser

I love my Alive Water dispenser. It is the perfect size and with another bottle of water on top, it still clears my upper cabinet door. The spigot is very well made (metal) and easy to use. The clear glass with sacred geometry design is attractive and allows you to see when your water level is low. Excellent design and functional to use.

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Camilla Vergani (Marina del Rey, US)
Drink Wild Water

Our bodies are roughly 60% water. It is so important to consume clean water and better yet, water that comes from a raw living source. I feel so incredibly blessed to have this water in my home. Straight from the Earth, as it should be. I have never been the person who brings their own water bottle everywhere until I started drinking this water. Whenever I go on trips, I notice a huge difference in my awareness/hydration levels when I am not drinking this water. It is truly an investment in your cellular health. Not to mention the Flower of Life on the jugs, a divine vessel to have the water pour out of. The service is always organized, efficient, and timely. Thank you Alive Waters. Forever grateful. My standard for water is now high high high.


Our family has been enjoying the Alive Water Springs immensely. It feels so replenishing from the taste to the body. It makes it easier to drink the necessary amount of water a day to stay hydrated.

Great tasting water, cool company

After researching and taste testing different water deliver companies and home filtration systems, I chose Alive Water for taste and price. The guy who delivered my was polite and very cool. They kept me posted via text when exactly the water was going to be delivered. I sensed pride and professionalism from my first contact with them. The bottles look great as well.