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2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Melissa Zola (Thousand Oaks, US)
Best water on the planet!

Love the water and team that always brings it withs such good vibes.

HI VIBE all Around

Water quality is incredible and so is their customer service.

Generally Inconvenient

The water jug is easy to carry around once the handle is attached.

The issue here is the amount of effort it takes to put on the metal handle. The metal loop used is too rigid to easily slip it on and off the mouth of the jug even with no tension present. As a result, it takes a significant amount of force to manipulate it on and off the jug, even moreso if there is a cap present, to the extent where damage to the blue rubber covering (and the cap) was likely occurring. It would be faster to just carry the jug by hugging it if the carry time is going to be short term. I was expecting a looser metal loop that would then be tightened normally instead of the endeavor it ended up being.

(Also, where are there two separate product entries for this handle, with the other costing $20?)


I’m so happy I found this water! I feel so much better, more energetic, and can really taste the difference.
Thank you!

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Best tasting

This is absolutely the best tasting water I've ever had. We are trying it out as alternative to our Kangen filter (which is still essentially tap water) and after 4 weeks already feeling more vitality

New HAPPY customer!

I'm just on my second delivery of ALIVE water and WOW! Cleanest tasting water I've ever had and the glass jugs are beautiful, while also healthier than plastic containers. Yes, it's a little more expensive, but totally worth it : )

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Melinda Zoller (Laguna Beach, US)
Love this water service!

Delicious, easy to get, beautiful bottles, not too heavy.

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
daniel molayem (Los Angeles, US)
Great service!

Really love the service I have been given, I was a bit worried it would be difficult to coordinate water delivery but they have made it a breeze. I get water when I need it, no stress or hassle. Very happy customer and the water has gotten me drinking more water for sure since before I had the service

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Danielle Sabolch (South Pasadena, US)
Great service

Great service. Very communicative and flexible about when they will drop off.


I just feel such an innate difference in my health and well being. My skin is better my digestion is better, even my mood! All other water tastes like actual dirt now. Bring my alive water with me EVERYWHERE

Love Everything About Alive Water

Alive Water is one of my best decisions. I love the taste and love being able to cook without fluoride in my water. I have avoided reverse osmosis filters for fluoride removal because of the wastewater associated with these systems. With Alive Water, I get a pure, clean, untainted water supply without waste. The presentation in glass jugs just makes it all the more pleasant. I Love Everything About Alive Water!!

Even the jugs make people curious

when I am carrying a beautiful glass jug to my clinic I often am questioned 'what is that - it is so pretty'. Well I explain, this is pure spring water and should be in glass to preserve its quality. I offer them your website all the time.

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Sally Daliege (Los Angeles, US)

Best water, perfect taste and pH. LOVE!!!!

Alive is means ALIVE!

This water isn't your typical bottled water or even the average delivered spring water we used to get. This is truly the best thing we've done for our family. We absolutely appreciate the delivery drivers and customer service as they are always helpful and friendly. Big Aloha to Alive Water! Don't be alarmed if you see a cloud or string like crystals at the bottom of your jug... its silica! Remember, its ALIVE! Treat and do yourself a favor and order! You're body will thank you after the first sip!

2.5 Gallon Dispenser
Michelle (Ensenada, MX)
💦 drinking water

I see that when I buy things prettier, I use them more, I’ve been wanting something colorful, with a design for my “infusion of the day” either I use water with Ginger and lavender or some other infusion . Looks perfect, so beautiful and great with the sacred geometry

Never thought I loved drinking water this much

Absolutely in love with this water, the way it is stored, delivered, and the over all package. A bit pricy but it makes every sip worth it. Get it.

Fantastic company and water

Couldn't be happier with the customer service of the company and knowing that I'm getting the best water for me and my family.

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Kayla Bennett (Buena Park, US)
Amazing water and service!

They have been so kind to respond to all my questions in a timely manner. The water is so dang delicious. My boyfriend didn’t really care that I switched water services and now he’s obsessed lol! I love esthetic the hugs look too. I read a few not so good reviews about the electric pump but tbh it’s not even loud and it works perfectly! Water comes out MUCH faster than my old water system so I am very satisfied! I’ve already recommended this company to so many friends. 10/10

BEST Water Ever!

This is the most delicious water and everyone who comes in admires the beautiful glass jugs!

Convenient, tasty, & as sustainable as it gets for LA

Driving out of state water into LA isn't what I consider ideal but given the fact that there are many pesticides in nearly all of Southern California ground water, Alive Water provides a service that I can get behind. Was getting 'Tap made RO made Alkaline' water delivered but the consistency of the formula is also not ideal from a hydration perspective so decided to switch to spring and liking it so far. Haven't seen any labs from Alive Water in terms of mineral composition or presence of chemicals so that's next on my list (provided by Alive or I will get some done) and will report back.

Glad you're enjoying it. We think the added distance to supply the best water within the entire west coast is worth it as well. We do mitigate our environmental footprint by eliminating the waste involved in the recycling process, typical of most bottled water suppliers.

Bamboo Shelf
TR (Fontana, US)
Great product

The bamboo shelf is beautiful and easy to put together!

Helped improve my digestion

I had been drinking water from a filter that I thought was good for me, and didn't realize how much Alive water would change a lot of the painful gut issues I was having! The bottled date on the caps are within a couple weeks of delivery, it's so fresh. Tastes amazing - couldn't get enough at first, like I had been water starved and needed to quench. The glass bottles are the clincher, and of course the sacred geometry a bonus for the balance energetically! I can really tell a difference in my health with this water. And the delivery guy is so nice.

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Elle Eminense (San Antonio, US)
Alive water for a vital Life!

Maslov’s hierarchy of needs says we need a home and warmth and good food.. well, I’m are alive water to that list! I feel so much better drinking this water and I truly believe everyone should have quality, loved up water liquids to keep them thriving. Thanks, alive water team!!

Half-Gallon Pitcher
Elle Eminense (San Antonio, US)
Beautiful water Receptacle

As a woman who is very connected to art and beauty, the aesthetic of this is perfect for my intentional home’s decor. I feel regal and blessed everytime I drink from it! Highly recommend this, especially if you are connected to the power of water to hold your intentions.

2.5 Gallon Dispenser
Conor McCullaugh (Los Angeles, US)
It’s cute. Not what is pictured though.

I’d say I love the water and the dispenser here, but I can’t say the design on it is as deep. Much more faint. I know the glass is better quality, but the design seems like a bit less noticeable.