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Awesome Water!!!!

The water is delicious and the service is awesome! best tasting water by far! thank you alive water !

I'm in love with drinking water now

When I decided that harvesting spring water was the way I wanted to acquire my drinking water, Alive Water jugs and dispenser was the only option for me! Their beautiful bottles help keep the water-experience feeling sacred and alive. I'm in love with the vessels!

I am so in love with this water. I feel so good drinking it. It's seriously incredible and everyone who has ever come to deliver it is such good vibes. Love this water and love this company so much!

Life changing water

Best water ever! I feel better, look better, am so happy to have found this water because it's truly life changing! Best decision I've ever made!

Delicious Water

You might not think of water as delicious, but not all water is alike. This water is so good and I love that it is in glass vs plastic. Not only are the bottles beautiful, but better for your health. My last water delivery service changed brands on me and I'm not sure how, but would make me thirsty after drinking it. I never felt hydrated. Alive water is so different. You can tatse the difference. The service is equally wonderful too. I am so grateful to have found you. Water is life. It makes a difference what type of water you drink.

It is great knowing that I am drinking the best water available. I drink Alive Water because I want the abundance of minerals and vitamins it provides. Everything about Alive Water is top notch, including, the bottles and the extremely friendly delivery service.

You Won't Be Disappointed!!

In my 45 years, I've never used a water delivery service... then I had a glass of Alive water last year & I've been a customer ever since. The quality of the water is unmatched, the service (including follow-ups & delivery) is fantastic (& super easy) and of course, the glass jars are stunning!! Can't recommend this company/water enough!!


Amazing water. Great customer service/staff

Water of life

A couple months ago I was having a conversation with a close client of mine expressing my concerns about finding good water. My husband and I were looking for a clean bpa water delivery service especially during lockdown when were trying to keep our bodies as healthy as possible and not leave the house. She introduced us to alive water. This is hands down the best water I have ever had. Not only does it taste amazing it is beneficial to my body and helps keeps me healthy. The delivery service is so easy and I never have to worry about running out of water. I couldn’t recommend it more!

Love my water!

We’ve been drinking alive waters for a few years now. We love it! We are so happy not to be drinking tap water and feel I am giving my body such a gift with clean water from the earth! The service is seamless and easy. The glass bottles are beautiful and look great in our kitchen!

LOVE this water!

It’s freshly bottled just before delivery and tastes amazing. I love the electronic pump, as I don’t like lifting and flipping the heavy glass bottles. Delivery is really easy and very friendly! Winning!


Love the water vessel so much. Great costumer service as well! Everyone wants to have it now :) grateful for these magical creators 🌺 Alive Waters 🌅

Get the stand

The stand is great! Good quality and perfect for holding the water jugs. You'll need it if you buy a dispenser and multiple jugs. Would be nice to have multiple color options, though!

Alive Water

Tastes fresh, satisfying, pure. Love the glass jags with the beautiful harmonizing flower of life design.

Best H2O

I lover this water. Haven’t tried any quite like it. Very energizing and delivery is easy!

Stunning Dispenser

Everyone who sees my dispenser can’t believe how beautiful it is. It’s truly artwork meets functionality. I highly recommend.

Great Taste and Service!

I’m a total water snob and I’m obsessed with the taste of this water. It was really important to me to find a water delivery system that comes in glass instead of plastic. I also really appreciated how kind and helpful the service is too

Perfect size for carrying around daily Spring Water

I love the size of this orb, it's just perfect. It fits into any bag and is the perfect size to take with me anywhere. Love it so much. Such a great product.

Perfect Item for collecting Spring Water

Absolutely love this item and it holds so much water that its perfect for carrying to and from the Spring. With it's easily removable lid and flat bottom shape, it's so easy to move around. Love this item so much.

Absolutely love this item

I have been wanting ton purchase this item for such a long time, and now that I finally have it, I LOVE it. It holds such a good amount of water and looks stunning. Great product.

The BEST water

I have been so pleased with my water service. Not only is the quality impeccable, but the delivery people are so nice and friendly. They delivery to 2 of our houses in separate towns and we are in both cities! My mother-in-law while fighting breast cancer only drank this water and along with other care is now in remission. ALIVE WATER IS RIGHT WATER!


My family has never drank so much water as we now do with Alive Waters. We absolutely love the water and the flower of life containers! Delivery service is top notch too. Highly Recommend

I love it. It’s beautiful and fits in the refrigerator

Beautiful and Delicious

Thank you for the living water. It makes a big difference in how water gets absorbed in the body.
And the container is lovely.
Thank you for all you do.

We Love it!

The water globe is so nice. High quality and just so darn cute. I plan on ordering the gallon size soon