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1 Litre Orb

I love these and really love the water!! I wish it was a bit easier to manage though.

Great packaging and product.

Empty 2.5 Gallon Jug
Paul Costa Jr (Brentwood, US)
Style and quality unparalleled!

I absolutely love these products! Alive water vessels are not only built with quality materials and craftsmanship, they are sculpted works of art! I am constantly complemented when collecting springwater! My large collection will only get bigger and bigger.


Just received my first delivery and the water is better than i expected.. thank you!

Counter Stand
Roy (Berkeley, US)
Cheap and unsturdy

This is definitely not a reliable stand. I’m very handy and can easily put things together, though this is easy to put together, the construction is unreliable. The connections of the pillars are literally connected with what seems like gravity, and not a screw mechanism to keep them locked in. I’ve requested a return with the company and am waiting for a shipping label.


A monthly gift to myself. So grateful for Alive Water and the staff.

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Liliana L. (Redondo Beach, US)
Can't say enough

I have only great things to say. Excellent water, excellent service, beautiful containers. Worth every penny. My health is noticeably improved after switching from sea level water. If you are experiencing effects from high deuterium levels, this is a game changer.

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Catherine Rappaport (Miami, US)

Delivered two bottle without very expensive dispenser. 2 weeks later tell me it’s a few weeks out ??? Then deliver temp dispenser to won’t address. No apologies. Terrible customer service.

We apologize about this inconvenience. Keeping up with inventory for multiple locations can be difficult, and we are comitted to finding a solution to do better.

Love the taste

Very impressed by the personal service!! It’s amazing!!
Even more impressed by the taste and quality of the water and beautiful containers!! We are all drinking more water now and feeling much better:)
Thank you!!

Great water

Great water and service!!

Pure Rose Nectar
Niki Smith (El Segundo, US)
The best

I have become hooked on this addition to my water. It’s fantastic. Can’t say enough good things about it. Tastes like fresh, clean, pure real rose. Not synthetic or perfume tasting. Just really calming and wonderful. In love with this stuff. I put a few drops in most glasses of water I drink at home.

I’ve had the shelf for several months and love it. The water bottles fit perfectly and I love the flower of life design. I didn’t get the gray shelf I guess because it was on back order so they sent me white and it looks good.

Glass Lid For Dispenser
Maggie Nelson (Bradenton, US)
Glass Lid

The glass lid fits perfectly on a 2.5-gallon glass dispenser.

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Alla Chesnokova (San Anselmo, US)
Five stars.

Good clean water.
Great service.
Thank you.

Half-Gallon Pitcher
Pepper Bozung (Los Angeles, US)
Gorgeous, but very fragile.

I absolutely love my pitcher! It's the most beautiful thing and goes so well with the jugs. My only wish is that the glass was heat proof. I bought it for iced tea, but accidentally cracked my first one pouring in hot tea with ice in the pitcher. I thought if I poured the tea in slow over the ice it would be fine, but no. It cracked almost immediately. Lesson learned and now I'm on my second pitcher.

Pure Rose Nectar
Pamela Ann (Moses Lake, US)
Wonderful Rose water

A little goes along way. I can only put about 5 drops in a litter of water... I am very hypersensitive. I love the smell and taste. The big bottle should last me a while :)

1 Litre Orb
Pamela Ann (Moses Lake, US)
So Pretty

I love this glass water bottle. I put my filtered structured water in it and about 5 drops of rose water. I love drinking water and showing my bottle to people :)


Can’t drink anything else now

16 Ounce Cup
TB (La Mesa, US)
Love it

I love this cup so much! I love the shape an especially the size. I just wish it was a little easier to drink from it. Maybe the top part needs a little revision. Still, it has become a favorite and because I love it so much, I end up drinking more water.

Empty 2.5 Gallon Jug
Seth Choate (Dickson, US)
I really enjoy my new water jug, the handle makes it way easier to carry when full.

I really enjoy my new water jug, the handle makes it way easier to carry when full. This company is pretty punctual with shipping as well.

Handle For Jug
BigDaveESC (Escondido, US)
Carrying handle for the Water Jug

Makes carrying the filled Jug so much easier...only wish the didn't have to be removed in order to dispense the water.

Empty 2.5 Gallon Jug
BigDaveESC (Escondido, US)
2.5 Water Jug

Prefect size...easy carry

2.5 Gallon Dispenser
KH (Los Angeles, US)
Great tasting water

The water tastes great and the delivery service was perfect.

I love this well made glass. I will be purchasing more.

16 Ounce Cup
Stephen Wasula (Gainesville, US)
Beautiful cups

These cups are beautiful and I’m glad I bought them.