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Fresh spring water

Ditch the plastic bottle! Fresh tasting spring water in a glass bottle!

1 Litre Orb
Mair (Oakland, US)
it's good!

I like the orb! Beautiful piece

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Rose Metcalf (Los Angeles, US)
Best water available in L.A.

We shopped around for the best spring water. Mountain Valley wasn't up to taste. Alive Water is delicious and the real deal when it comes to spring water.

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Leticia Allen (Dana Point, US)
Love Alive Water

I was somewhat skeptical about ordering the jugs of water and wondering if is was really any better than what we can get at Costco. Let me assure is delicious and not only is it convenient having the deliver...I love the glass bottles. I get compliments on it all the time. Definitely recommend.


This water was such a great investment. I love alive water!! The bottles are beautiful, it tastes amazing, and I have NEVER slept better. My quality of sleep has improved and I have so much more energy. Can never go back to regular water lol

So perfect, thank you!

Best water

Love the care that has been put in the sourcing of the water to the bottles that the water comes in. The best tasting water, and good to know I'm putting the best I can into me and my family's body. Thank you so much!

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Kippy Miller (Los Angeles, US)
This water changed our life

We do consider water to be one of the highest priorities in our life! This water was recommended to us and we thank the lucky stars every day to have it. The taste and purity is so natural and we feel the aliveness of the water! We so appreciate the glass carved containers and how prompt and easy it is for delivery. The support and drivers are so sweet and awesome, and we just love it!
"If we could, we would bathe in it" Jacob Busch!


LOVE the water!!!!

1 Gallon Globe
From Planet Earth (Bridgeport, US)

Great quality glass, priceless in person!

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Michael Donohue (San Rafael, US)

This service is amazing! They are great communicators and the water is five stars!

2.5 Gallon Dispenser
Julia Scott (Tallahassee, US)
Love it

Took a long while because back order but I love my glass dispenser. Beautiful! Worth the wait…

Nothing more refreshing.

Lifelong skin issues cleared up within a week of switching to Alivewaters pristine quality water. Not to mention just how amazing the stuff taste and feels. Your body doesn't know hydration.

2.5 Gallon Dispenser
Katharina Sandizell (Point Reyes Station, US)
great water, great glass, iffy communication

This is great water, tastes spectacular, the glass is really beautiful and luxurious. The communication is not so great. Took months to get my water and I have no idea what the system is to change water. There was little communication if any in the two months after I ordered and the time I got the water. I realize there was a slowdown re. getting more glass from Italy which is totally fine and understandable but please communicate! I still don't know when I'll be getting replacement water. Thank you for lovely water and lovely glass!

Thanks for the honest feedback. We are always looking at ways to improve communication. We are going to look into what could have been done better here, and how to improve our systems to avoid this type of thing in the future.

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Alexis White (Los Angeles, US)

The best water you can drink! Our office loves this water, we're never going back to anything else. We highly recommend Alive Water, their water is delicious & their customer service is 5 stars!

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Jessie Seal (San Juan Capistrano, US)
We love alive water!

Let’s be real, water in California is not great. Quality water has always been a priority to me, and you can taste the quality of this water. My skin has been clearer & my body has felt truly nourished since switching to alive water. I love that the water is stored in glass as well, sustainable & no concern of leaching plastics. This water is as delicious as the headwaters you can find in oregon. If you care about other aspects of your health stop drinking chemical treated, mineral deficient water & switch to alive. The staff are all very friendly & helpful as well.

Game changer

This water is a total game changer!!! My body craves it and as a result I’m drinking more and more water. I’ve tried a lot of spring water delivery brands in my home and this one tastes the best by far. I can feel it hydrating my whole body. As a bonus, everyone at the company has been incrediable. Being a water bearer is a noble mission and these guys treat it as such.

Half-Gallon Pitcher
Linda E (Anaheim, US)
You’ll LOVE this!!!!!

I absolutely love having this pitcher, it’s a perfect size and it’s beautiful. The way the design catches the light and sparkles is magic. Every single person who has seen it has complemented it. You’ll love it too!!!

Tastes Incredible

This is the best water I've tried. CA water quality is absolutely terrible! Even the bottled water at the stores were not tolerable for me. I am traveling for work and I even purchased at water filtration jug to use for the tap water and could not even drink more than one sip. After researching water delivery services online, I came across ALIVE and am so glad I did. I notice my skin looks better and I feel better. Do not hesitate to spend the extra money. It is absolutely worth it!

Best water ever!!

Alive water has been a blessing for my family. The quality of water is amazing and the customer service is great!! Any questions I have I receive an email almost immediately. The delivery service has been super smooth. I am literally obsessed with how this water makes me feel!!!

2.5 Gallon Dispenser
Eileen C. (Secaucus, US)
Nice, but not as pictured and very disappointed...

I was so looking forward to receiving this, but after waiting 3 months as a backordered item, I was disappointed that it was not as pictured. The pattern design is not the same as shown on the website, and less dimensional. Having previously purchased the water orb (comparison pic attached), I expected it to be the same pattern, as reflected on the website pictures. It was not. I reached out, and was advised that this is now produced in Italy and the pattern is different. All well and good, but it is not as pictured on the website, and what I had purchased. Also, the plastic rim protector does not fit with the glass lid, as pictured. Either this is a design flaw, not intended to be used with the glass lid, or I received the wrong one for the version of the jar that I received. I am very disappointed, and considering returning. The website image should be updated to reflect the actual item being offered at this time.

Thanks for your honest feedback. The lid does in fact fit, without the plastic ring on top. The plastic ring is only for cushioning when placing a glass jug on top, so it doesn't really serve any function as pictured and by itself.
We decided to change our glass manufacturer because the glass coming from China was not consistent, thin in some places, and was a safety liability. Also the glass from Italy is a better glass formula for added strength as well. Our apologies for not updating the pictures yet to the updated glass. This is something we will be doing before the end of 2021.

Quality I can taste and feel

Alive water has been my top choice of spring water for almost a year now. It is definitely a quality I can taste and feel. My neighbor noticed once that when my delivery was made while I was away- the delivery person was careful to sit my jugs in the shade instead of in the Sun. I appreciate how he went out of his way to make sure my water was fresh and cool. I’m a happy customer and plan to stick with Alive Water forever.

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Michele Matossian (Portola Valley, US)
Delicious water, nice delivery

The water is well-named. I can’t go back to plastic bottled spring water. Alive Water is the best. Try it and see!

2.5 Gallon Dispenser
Seva (Los Angeles, US)
Beautiful and functional

I love this dispenser. It looks beautiful in my dining area, and works perfectly. Couldn't be happier with it!

Fresh, clean water with great service!