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I get excited about drinking water!!

I love getting my alive water deliveries! The water tastes incredible and I really feel the difference. I also love the beautiful look of the containers.

Best Water!

Alive Water is the best water I have ever tasted. There's a freshness to the water that I can't quite explain, but every visitor to my home agrees. The delivery is convenient and there are no requirements for frequency of purchase/delivery. And as a bonus the glass bottles are a beautiful addition to my kitchen. And there are no plastic bottles to recycle. I am thrilled with my decision to switch to Alive Water!

2.5 Gallon Dispenser
Amanda Dawson (Yountville, US)
Beautiful water!

I am so thrilled that I found this California company. The taste of this water says it all. The glass containers and glass dispenser are ideal for maintaining the quality and freshness of the product. Every aspect of signing up to delivery has been excellent! A wonderful company!

2.5 Gallon Dispenser
Mitchell Gabbard
No lid with dispenser

Love the products but the dispenser used to come with the lid and now it is sold separately, and that is bogus

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Tomoko Dildine (Santa Rosa, US)
The best.

The most delicious water I’ve ever tasted.

Alive water is the best.I love it better then any other.

Alive water is the best, you should try it, you would never go back to others.

Fantastic service

I have used different water companies and this company is by far the best company I have used. Every person I speak to is helpful, proactive and effective. I get texts from a person who responds immediately about my next delivery. I am SO impressed at their service. I also want to add the water is delicious!!! I cannot recommend this company highly enough.

2.5 Gallon Dispenser
Suzanne Scannell (New York, US)
Beautiful Product!

Loving this new, beautiful water dispenser. Grateful for this intentional craftsmanship. Thanks!

Excellent taste, excellent service

We consider ourselves discerning water drinkers, some water tastes great to us, other water not so much. Alive water tastes awesome, we’re so glad to finally have good clean fresh water. Our delivery driver was friendly, helpful and arrived when he said he would!

Bamboo Shelf
Gabriella Perez (San Jose, US)
Perfect Shelving Unit

Looks great for display and organizing extra jugs. I’m actually going to order another! :)

Trial Offer
Anonymous (Sacramento, US)
Proactive health maintenance

Highly recommend this water for anyone looking to improve/maintain their health and well being.

Empty 2.5 Gallon Jug
James (Galveston, US)
Beautiful Bottle

This is a beautiful and quality made bottle. The only negative is the total price after paying for shipping; it's a little pricey. Even with the cost it is worth the money and I will be ordering another one soon.

1 Litre Orb
Reba Loach (Odenton, US)
Take time to appreciate water from this vessel

With the rat race of life, this water vessel allows me to slow down and appreciate drinking water. I ❤️ Alive Waters:)

The water was great! The service was not!

The water and the bottles it comes in are amazing. The inconsistent service, excuses, like the driver can’t drive at night, the truck breaking down multiple times, so my water isn’t delivered, and the inconsistency in the delivery schedule made me cancel. They just didn’t do customer service right. So disappointing.

Thanks for the honest feedback, we are definitely working on keeping up with our increasing demand by adding more drivers and getting more reliable vans.


While the water is delicious and fresh, it would be helpful to have an actual schedule for receiving the next delivery for water. That way you don’t go almost a week waiting for more water. Other than that, we love the water!


Wow….. I never really liked drinking water. But since I put in Alive I can’t stop drinking water. Trust me when you pour a cold glass of this water you can taste the difference. My body craves it now and I have reduced my sugary drinks by 90%. I am a permanent customer now. I purchased the glass pitcher and the 1 liter orb. They are beautiful and the water is so crisp and delicious out of them. Thanks for everything!

Counter Stand
Scott Mckay (Sugar Land, US)

Love the design but 3 of the pilot holes for the support screws were over drilled and I cannot fully tighten all the support stands.

Still functions just wobbly.

Best TASTING water ever!

This is the most delicious water I have ever tasted! And the drivers are always so wonderful to talk with this. I LOVE ALIVE WATER!

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Mona Molaasgari (Half Moon Bay, US)
Most reliable costumer service and delivery!!

Great job!
You have the best system to respond and to inform your costumer about the the order or delivery time or any type of communication and that is the most important aspect for a company. Since I started ordering water from you, I never had any issues. Also I love the fact you check weekly to see if I need any water for that week.
I’m extremely satisfied and 100% satisfied and will recommend to everyone. Im so glad that I switch from previous NOT reliable waters delivery company.
Keep up the good work.
The only thing I would say you can work on is the Quality of your water. I’m sure you can do better.


Trial Offer
Lucinda Miller (Dana Point, US)
First Taste

The water is great there is a clean fresh light taste

the glass jug is beautiful

only concern is inventory due to growing pains and do wish there was a nice cooler

Cover For Jug And Dispenser
Ruby Fremon (Dallas, US)
A little too snug

We love our Alive Water and the idea of a cover is great as this helps keep our water cool and fresh! Just wish the cover wasn’t so snug. It’s a struggle to remove and put back on. I suggest making it just a tad bit bigger.

Half-Gallon Pitcher
Lisa Saremi (Dana Point, US)

It was all I wanted and more.

Great water, unpredictable delivery system

We love Alive Water, but they're not able to schedule deliveries in a reliable and predictable way.

Amazing water, amazing customer service, fast delivery, 10/10

The water is amazing. Pure, great tasting, fresh spring water. The customer service is fantastic, the team keeps you updated on your order and responds quickly to any questions. The deliver is fast and on time. They deliver the water right to your door. Everything about this company is awesome. I would 10/10 highly recommend.

2.5 Gallon Dispenser
melissa paulo (Encino, US)

Beautiful and appealing way to dispense water !