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I love the texts from customer service

I like that the company is directly texting me and asking when I would like my delivery. They respond through text when I have an inquiry and were able to see me as a person when I had a request. I feel safe knowing my boy is not drinking tap water contaminated with phytoestrogens and heavy metals and pharmaceuticals. Although it’s hard for me to afford as a single mom, the personalized contact helps me when I have updates on my account like changed billing days and I always have clean water for my son.

Best water EVER!

Wonderful service and great tasting water!! My only wish is that it would be tested more often than annually, especially with the recent changes in weather conditions everywhere.

Thanks for the honest review, and so happy you enjoy the water.
We do test each batch for harmful bacteria, and if the super comprehensive annual test ever came back slightly different we would test more frequently. However Opal Spring has been a constant 108,000 gallons per minute, 54 degrees Fahrenheit, and the same exact lab test results for over a century.

Half-Gallon Pitcher
Jamie Cuffia (North Richland Hills, US)

Beautiful, delicate yet durable. My new favorite water pitcher. I use it every single day for my tea ritual.

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Lucinda Miller (Dana Point, US)
Happy Client

I have been a customer for several months now and am very happy with the water. It has a clean fresh flavor or even better no weird tastes.
he service is great and the delivery personnel may be invited to my family events haha

Empty 2.5 Gallon Jug
Laura (Seattle, US)

One of my jugs is usually on the crock, and one is for charging the water with shaking, sunlight, ground exposure, singing bowls, and cool temps. The facets of the Flower of Life refract into all the colors of the rainbow, which I believe charges too. I'm getting a set for my distant family! A light sculpture in its own right!

Pure Rose Nectar
Laura (Seattle, US)

For those of us who know about the amazing qualities of rose extract, this is the best quality and price I have found. It seemed spendy at the time of purchase, but when I received the HUGE bottle, packaged like fine perfume, I was floored at the amount, and then the quality. Definitely re-ordering whenever I finally run out. Great stuff you guys!!

Orb And Globe Bags
Laura (Seattle, US)
orbs and bags, I love them!!

The quality glass orbs with the Flower of Life design is my new favorite way to travel. The simple unbleached cotton bag with strap is great as it is, but the upgrade bag with insulation and snaps is the bomb shizzle!!! I bought two!!! So precious!


This combo is thick glass and the Flower of Life design refracts rainbows, showing the quality of the glass. I fill my glass jug with filtered alkalized water, shake it up, swirl it, and let it absorb sun and earth vibrations for a couple days/nights, and set it upon the crock. I always have living water at my fingertips, perfecting my cluster techniques!

Orb And Globe Bags
Paul Costa Jr
Love my globe bag!!!

I own both the orb and globe vessels, love them both! I recently purchased the carry case for my globe, I love it! I chose the black model, that combined with the insulation it comes with keeps my water cool for a long time. Also, I love the length of the strap, makes it easy to carry. Huge fan!

Trial Offer
Jane Buerger (Concord, US)
Trial offer customer

Loved the taste of this water. In order to continue as a customer I would need to purchase a minimum of 4 bottles per month. I have no place to store this much water .

Glad you enjoyed the water!
Please take a look at our storage shelves which are listed here..

Orb And Globe Bags
Danté Marsh
1 Gallon globe bag

I bought the 1 gallon globe case right before I went out to burning man and it kept my vessel safe. It’s also got different pouches for your phone. Very happy with the purchase

Orb And Globe Bags
Nina Mirzakhanyan (Calabasas, US)
Absolutely love my new orb bag!

The new orb bag is a huge upgrade from the old one. I love how it has buttons that make it easier to take out and put back in, and there is no fear of it falling out! It even has pockets... so I can just grab it and leave the house with my keys and things I need in the pockets. Also love the cell phone case!


We love Alive Water! The service + the quality of the water are both excellent.

2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass
Stephen Gyllenhaal (Los Angeles, US)
The best water I've ever had!

The water in a smaller glass container has been a muscle and fear savior. No more worry/terror at lifting those massive bottles. The water is delicious. And the service, to date, has been "kid gloves". Kind, thoughtful and immediately responsive.

Orb And Globe Bags
Bettina Hubby (Los Angeles, US)
The mighty orb!

I love this bag that holds my ALIVE water. I'm so blessed to have found this high frequency company that cares so much to expand and give such aligned, beautiful, and well designed options to carry our life giving water.

Empty 2.5 Gallon Jug
Cynthia Jones (Cashmere, US)
Adds beauty & functionality.

I have a beautiful water dispenser that needed a water bottle. I did not want to use any plastic at all due to chemicals. When I found Alive Water's beautiful water jug I knew it would work perfectly. It adds beauty to my home and that makes me happy.

Orb And Globe Bags
Kayra Prentice (Seattle, US)
Water Orb + Bag

Absolutely in love with these beautiful water vessels. Helps me to remember the importance of water and to stay hydrated! The bag is a nice addition so I can travel with it throughout the day. Thank you!

Orb And Globe Bags
Nicole Thomas (San Diego, US)

I got my glass orb and bag a few months ago and love them both. I do prefer to use just the orb on its own, but it’s nice to have the secure bag when I’m on hikes or don’t want to carry my orb.

Portable Electric Pump For Jugs
R Sutphen (Los Angeles, US)
Better Electric Spout Connectors

Electric Pump could be more sturdy. Connector for charging and spout connection for dispensing water falls off easy because of connections.

Metal And Wood Shelf
steve (Irvine, US)
terrific shelf!

my wife and i are very pleased with alive water's wood and metal shelf--it's sleek and sturdy, and clearly made well. it's been a great help in storing our water in a cooler environment (we had the bottles mostly in our garage), inside, and with the beautiful bottles is an attractive feature in our home. we're very glad to have purchased--

Empty 2.5 Gallon Jug
Ash delRo (Phoenix, US)
LOVE my water jug!!

I got the 2.5 gal and its perfect!! ( bought the base & stand seperate from Amazon ) The glass pattern is beautiful and their customer service is great too. Will be buying again!

2.5 Gallon Dispenser
Nicole Keating (Sedona, US)
Love this beautiful dispenser!

I had this before and I broke it. So grateful you had what I need!! It’s beautiful 🤩

Love love love this company 💦🩵💦

16 Ounce Cup
c.w. (Palo Alto, US)

These glasses are 1) GORGEOUS - the orb shape, the flower of life design; Oh my Goddess! I take in beauty all day looking at my water in my glass; 2) PERFECT SIZE/SHAPE -16 ounces woohoo! BUT look/feel so small). I drink more water all day with these glasses; 3) SACRED - the glass shape (orb!) and size looks & feels so good AND fits perfectly in my hands when I cup them like a prayer and drink my water with intention. 4) VERSATILE - they make the most beautiful vases - sheer perfection. 5) GREAT GIFTS - sent some to my sister for her birthday. She thanks me everyday and sends beautiful pictures of her using them full of flowers or to drink her water or set a lovely table! She is just so blown away and excited about these glasses and in awe that I gave her such an special gift. P.S. Responding to other review they are hard to drink out of. I love drinking out of these glasses. Not hard at all for me. Very easy, sacred, special. Feels good to drink out of them.

2.5 Gallon Jug & Dispenser Combo
Norys Schmitt (Leesburg, US)

Love everything about the system except the gasket. I think it needs to be made of a (safe) plastic that grips the upper vessel. It now slides a little and makes me nervous.

Thanks for the feedback. We originally had a silicone ring, but it got dirty very easily, and also we had to put dots on the top of the ring so it wouldn't be airtight. This allowed dust to get into the water, so using this bpa free plastic that never touches water was the best option possible.