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High vibe water

I finally ordered this water and couldn't be happier. I didn't realize how quickly I would go through it, it just tastes so much better and I love how personal the service is.

Gorgeous glass dispenser

This water dispenser is so cute and looks good, not like the other ugly plastic bottles you see. I love the flower of life symbol on the bottles.

Functional and good looking

I like the tower. It's sturdy and holds the water bottles and between the bronze color and beautiful bottles of water it also creates a sophisticated and decorative piece in my kitchen.

metal stand

I love the metal stand. keeps things well organized.

SACRED nectar

Been adding this to my water for the last few weeks and absolutely feel an enhanced level of high vibration throughout the day!!

Best Quality! Most important health Investment

This spring water has been a huge upgrade in my vitality, and has a life force to it that you just cant replicate with even the best water filters. I always highly recommend to all my patients and friends!

Life changing!

I used to drink filtered water, and I thought it tasted pretty good compared to tap water. But Alive Water makes even filtered water taste like pool water by comparison! Alive Water is the best-tasting water I've ever had. Because it tastes so good and goes down so easy, I've been drinking way more water per day than I ever have, which has improved my health in various ways.

Plus, the delivery is super convenient and reliable.


Stunning set up. Sturdy and works great. The glass pattern is beautiful. Great buy.

Amazing quality

I really love this water. The other day I ran out of it and had to get extra water from wholefoods, and I did not like the taste of it anymore. There is for sure a difference! I really recommend getting this water, 5 star service and great quality

Great choice. Great water. Great experience!

Between the customer service and quality of water, nothing compares when it comes to water. We used to get Mountain Valley, but once they got bought out by Sparkletts, everything went downhill fast! It’s really important to my partner and I to drink single sourced spring water without chemicals, and we found our ticket. The customer support is super responsive and communicative - and just lovely in general. Plus, we get to participate in a small business by comparison. I’m beyond a pleased customer :)

Such a great value

I finally ordered Alive Water after hesitating because of thinking I didn't have the money to pay for water. I'm so happy now that I"m drinking Alive Water. It is a relief to know that I"m nourishing myself with the life sustaining force of water which is perhaps the must crucial aspect of health. It seems so much better to invest in water in its purest natural form than to do all kinds of filtering in order to get a healthier water.I have always had to force myself to drink fluids but now I look forward to drinking Alive Water. The cost of AW is so little when I think of what a valuable investment it is. Thank you Alive Water for making this possible.

Perfect fit!

I've been a customer of live water for 3+ years and always had trouble finding the perfect cover for my jug. I was so happy to get this one and it fits perfectly and is high quality and has a liner inside. I couldn't be happier!

Refreshing Spring Water

I appreciate all of the details they put into transporting such precious water. These details are what stood out to me, and upon first taste, I knew I had made a good choice. If you're sensitive and aware enough, you don't need scientific gadgets to qualify the water. Your mouth and body will let you know just how good it is. May this company continue to "do good things" and never skimp on the quality and care they've provided so far.

Orb bag

Cutest bag to carry 1 litter orb bottle! Makes it easier to carry around and fits like a glove!

Jug handles

I purchased two and they arrived not long ago. Will be trying them out as soon as I need to refill the jugs. So far they fit perfectly

Orb 1 liter

Absolutely in love with my new orb! I carry it everywhere!


I bought 2 jugs and couldn’t be happier with the purchase! They look beautiful!


Absolutely in love with this! Mother came over and loved it as well. She is even thinking of buying her own!

Amazing High Vibrational Water.

I can really feel the difference, energetically there is so much life force in this water, i could never go back to drinking regular and reverse osmosis water after this.

Water stand

I recently purchased the counter water stand after using the dispenser directly on my counter for a bit. Now it prevents my son from playing with the dispenser and it allows for a more comfortable height to dispense the water. Looks beautiful on the counter as well!

Super sweet little bag

It is a super sweet little bag for going hands and basket free. I love the external material, it is earthy simple and beautiful. The inside is layered with a water resistant material, I think some sort of soft plastic? Not 100% sure the exact material, but its clear it is there so that spilled water doesn't soak through the bag. It also adds an extra padding to protect the glass. I think aesthetically and environmentally I would have enjoyed it even more without the plastic like material (?) part inside. Overall, I really appreciate the bag and it is super cute.

Really do love this dispenser

Very beautiful and works perfectly. Seems to be made very well and will last years to come.

Fresh water

We like the water. My family is enjoying the good quality and taste. We went from 6 a month to 4 per week. Thank you

Never loved water more!

Are used to have to force myself to drink water, and now I crave it. Alive water is the best one I’ve ever had, it makes me feel so good, so grounded, I can really feel my body being nourished by it

Give it a try!

I really appreciate that this company let's you try the water before committing to ongoing delivery. It gave us a chance to not only drink their amazing water but to see how the logistics of it all would work. The driver was super helpful in getting us set up. We are now regulars on the delivery schedule!