Empty 2.5 Gallon Jug

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If you want the absolute best option for collecting, transporting, and storing water then seek no further. Our jugs are manufactured in Italy with the highest quality glass formula. Our exclusive machine ensures all jug walls are uniform thickness, ensuring long lasting durability and safety. Jugs are compact for easy transport and safety, and come pre rinsed with spring water.

Collecting your own pristine spring water is a great option if it's geographically feasible for you. Check out FindASpring.Com to access a community generated map of cold and hot springs locations around the world. 

These are a great alternative to heavy and cumbersome traditional larger carboys. All jugs now come included with our newly designed custom silicone caps. We recommend our handles for easy transport of your jugs. Stack 4 jugs and a dispenser with our bamboo shelves. 

Us patent #D831,401. Cap Design patent is pending




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Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Ryan Herman (Salt Lake City, US)
Beautiful Glass from Italy!🫗

I have loved this glass jug so much. It tastes so much better than the plastic jugs I had been using. You really can taste the difference! Also, the glass looks beautiful in my apartment. I get compliments on it when I go to the grocery store to fill up my water😊 I would highly recommend getting a few! I love them! 💓💓

Joe Latoria (Orlando, US)
Beautiful Jug

The jug is awesome! Promp shipping. Cheers!


Such a beautiful vessel to gather water in for the copper dispenser. Shipping cost was surprisingly high

Lime & Coco (Buffalo, US)

No other company is as REAL, conscious and caring as these guys.. and this is evident in the quality of ALL their products and the intention going into them. Water IS alive and should we treated with reverence and honored as it’s also giving US life! These jugs are like little temples for the water to be housed in before the water enters into your holy temple, your body! The jugs are beautiful. Thank you!

Sandra Wilkerson
Beautiful bottle!

The first time I seen this carboy I was in love. It was setting on top of a beautiful piece of copper. I was then on a mission. I love this and am so proud to show it off. Thank you for selling me the empty bottle.