Empty 2.5 Gallon Jug

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If you want the absolute best option for collecting, transporting, and storing water then seek no further. Our jugs are manufactured in Italy with the highest quality glass formula. Our exclusive machine ensures all jug walls are uniform thickness, ensuring long lasting durability and safety. Jugs are compact for easy transport and safety, and come pre rinsed with spring water.

Collecting your own pristine spring water is a great option if it's geographically feasible for you. Check out FindASpring.Com to access a community generated map of cold and hot springs locations around the world. 

These are a great alternative to heavy and cumbersome traditional larger carboys. All jugs now come included with our newly designed custom silicone caps. We recommend our handles for easy transport of your jugs. Stack 4 jugs and a dispenser with our bamboo shelves. 

Us patent #D831,401. Cap Design patent is pending



Customer Reviews

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Laura (Seattle, US)

One of my jugs is usually on the crock, and one is for charging the water with shaking, sunlight, ground exposure, singing bowls, and cool temps. The facets of the Flower of Life refract into all the colors of the rainbow, which I believe charges too. I'm getting a set for my distant family! A light sculpture in its own right!

Cynthia Jones (Cashmere, US)
Adds beauty & functionality.

I have a beautiful water dispenser that needed a water bottle. I did not want to use any plastic at all due to chemicals. When I found Alive Water's beautiful water jug I knew it would work perfectly. It adds beauty to my home and that makes me happy.

Ash delRo (Phoenix, US)
LOVE my water jug!!

I got the 2.5 gal and its perfect!! ( bought the base & stand seperate from Amazon ) The glass pattern is beautiful and their customer service is great too. Will be buying again!

melanie cameron (Overland Park, US)
Great Investment!

These glass jugs are beautiful and functional. The silicone lids are perfect, easy to get on and off yet definitely secure/tight fitting to prevent any leaks during transport from our water fill station at Sprouts. Glad we bought them!

janet (Los Angeles, US)

I loved this so much, I had to order another one! More beautiful in person