History Of Alive Water

History Of Alive Water

In the summer of 2014, Chris Sanborn was studying health and learned about the importance of drinking spring water. He discovered that almost all spring water delivery companies were ultra processing their water for shelf stability. This encouraged him to find and collect his own spring water with FindASpring.org

Chris drove 3 hours one way from his house in Topanga canyon, near Los Angeles, all the way to Big Bear mountain to get to the closest quality spring. After drinking directly from his first ice cold alpine water source coming straight out of the earth,  he felt an immediate and profound increase in vitality. 

Chris started sharing this fresh spring water with his friends and neighbors, and they all felt amazing to. He purchased some 5 gallon glass jugs, made a wooden trailer, and started making the 6 hour round trip every few weeks. 

More and more people started enjoying the water, and Chris knew he would have to find a new spring to keep up with the demand. Chris met Ara Bedian around this time, whom would later become his business partner, and he started to help with the deliveries. This enabled Chris to go on a 2 month road trip and explore the entire West Coast to find the absolute best source. He found Opal Springs in Central Oregon. It has the perfect mineral balance, lots of the beauty mineral silica, a great flow rate, and absolutely zero industrial age contaminants. 

At the time large 3 and 5 gallon jugs were the only options available for purchase. These large sizes were cumbersome and potentially dangerous for customers. This inspired the desire to create a convenient and beautiful custom 2.5 gallon jug.

The shorter jugs were loved by customers old and new, and it soon became evident that creating even more custom glass would be helpful in offering an elegant and practical solution that would look beautiful in any home. The next thing created was a 2.5 gallon dispenser that matched the shape and design of the jugs. Another benefit of the shorter jugs is that they can stack on top of each other for consolidated storage.
It later became apparent that a custom portable water bottle would help improve the experience of drinking spring water in glass on the go. A 1 liter orb and 1 gallon globe bottle were created. They are compact, easy to clean, and come with a glass lid.
For easy transport an organic cotton carrying case was designed. It took many versions and lots of testing for almost 4 years to create the perfect design and find an ethical manufacturer. 
In 2019 Find A Spring, which Chris used to locate the original spring used for delivery, was in need of maintenance, organization, and improvement. Through customer's support he was able to purchase Find A Spring, and turn it into an environmental conservation organization. There have been many improvements made, and there are lots of ambitions to keep expanding the world's best user created database of cold and hot springs.
In the fall of 2021 Alive Water branched out to more locations and found a new spring which met their high standards In Alabama. They now service most of California, Austin Texas & surrounding areas, Miami & surrounding areas, and they're planning on starting deliveries to New York, Portland & surrounding areas summer 2024. 
Alive Water has committed to making their deliveries carbon neutral, created a custom silicone lined cap, and donated 6 figures towards The Find A Spring Foundation. They strive to continue improving by expanding access to more areas, giving back even more to Find A Spring, creating more great products, improving customer service, and increasing overall quality however possible.

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